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Following Chad’s art is following the journey of millions from Africa to different locations along the slave trade. The canvas work showcases snapshots throughout the beautiful struggle that altered our past and still remain relevant today. A few in the collection are purely abstract from a visual perspective, however they originate from developed concepts and ideas. Chad gets his inspiration from the greats that came before him, like the legendary Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Andy Warhol.



shoes are a design painted on converse called “Lil Traders”.

“Lil Traders” are offered in different colors ( blue, black, white, and red). The concept behind the shoes is that in times of extreme hardship, the Unity of the people will leave a lasting impact and path to victory for generations to come. Coming soon: Clothing and other apparel with images from my canvas art and phrases from the luggage line designs for online purchase.


Commission art

Custom made just for you!

My first commissioned artwork was my shoe apparel line called, “Lil Traders” While living in NYC and working as a doorman at a lower Manhattan hotel, I was asked if I could recreate the design I painted on my shoes. I gladly said yes to my friend, Donald, and this was the first moment I realized that I could make money from my art. My purpose is to inspire and expose truth through abstract expression, my goal is to open minds and hearts with the greatest weapon I possess, …”My Art”.  We can ship nationwide and internationally, canvas wall art ranges in size from 24x48 to 48x60.


Luggage line

What are you carrying?

Rather than purchasing expensive canvases, Chad searched for vintage luggage to use as his backdrop. He then hand-painted each one for the trapped-in-time visual that Baggage Claim displays, which is comprised of the Colored Only BaggageJim Crow Baggage, and White Flight Travel pieces. And symbolic of the Underground Railroad and Harlem Renaissance periods of years past, Baggage Claim has led Chad from the South to the North for his debut exhibit in New York City. The railroad concept represents how, in the 19th century (long before Hartsfield-Jackson Airport was even thought about), Atlanta was a transportation hub known as “Terminus”, an interconnected rail city transporting people and goods from the North, South, East, and West. Baggage Claim explores the emotional and systemic “luggage” that are still being unpacked in Modern Day America. The work was photographed by Dalriguez Franco, organized by 3:5 Creatives and displayed as part of the show Black Love: The Absence of Color. The “Civil Rights Luggage” collection is growing to different mediums such as old televisions and other vintage pieces that speak to him.

 The Black Light Flag made its debut in this video with dancer Wesley McIntyre

Nacirema, American spelled backward, is a short, dance film created/danced by Wesley McIntyre and directed/edited by Daniel Seth Pagel, centered around the black man’s emotional struggle in a so-called “Land of the Free”. With art piece created by Chad Livsey in the representation of American Society, the film depicts the emotions of hurt, anger, frustration, embarrassment, etc., through dance, that black men deal with is this society on a daily basis. Based on the color of our skin, we are treated and abused unapologetically inequitable and this film shows the true emotional wounds of the black man created by “AMERICA”. 🇺🇸



Chad Livsey

As a child I began drawing with my uncle, these sketching sessions would later be the therapeutic moments to keep my mind together. Growing up in the war on drugs, my mom was arrested and my life was altered forever. Art is the greatest savior I had. My uncle, Kobie Livsey, is still a major inspiration, as well as Keith Herring, Basquiat, and Picasso. The power that my art brings comes from the strength of my ancestors. I come from a place called the Promised Land, a town in Snellville, Georgia. Over 100 years ago my great-grandfather purchased 110 acres of land that was used to farm and provide for his family. This land included the “Big House,’ a house that was owned by a plantation owner named Thomas McGuire. During the Civil War, this house was the only building left standing by General Sherman’s army. Now, this house is a landmark in Gwinnett County, a place that remains to this day.

My first commissioned artwork was my shoe apparel line called, “Lil Traders”.

I keep my art very elementary because most people say they can’t draw or paint but they can draw stick figures, so in my work, I use those same stick figures to show a dark history that can be understood at a basic level. Through this process, I believe my art is absorbed faster because of its simplicity. You can follow these figures along with their journey from the ship leaving the Motherland to landing on American soil.

“The victim who is able to articulate the situation of the victim has ceased to be a victim: he or she has become a threat.”

― James Baldwin


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